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Weekly News Highlights: 7/11/2022 – 7/17/2022

States With Abortion Bans Risk Losing Their Economic Edge


Following the Supreme Court ruling to overturn abortion, several states in the US immediately banned abortion, while others are considering in doing so as well in the near future. However, as this article describes, there is a possibility that states banning abortion will suffer economically due to companies and workers relocating to a different state maintaining abortion rights. For example, large businesses such as Chase, JPMorgan, and more have committed themselves to "help employees who need abortion access but cannot obtain it in their home states," though it is still ambiguous whether these companies will move their offices out of states that have banned abortion.

Politicians have been trying to weigh the possible economic impacts on the different Republican states and whether banning abortion will significantly hurt the state. States like Texas and Georgia, economically strong, will likely be able to withstand some economic pressure. However, other states that are taking a firm opposing stance against abortion such as Oklahoma and Arkansas are not as economically prosperous, and because of this, Democrats are encouraging them to rethink their abortion laws.


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