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Weekly News Highlights: 8/17/2020 – 8/23/2020

China’s National-Security Law Reaches Into Harvard, Princeton Classrooms


In June, China passed a security law in Hong Kong that would allow China to punish anyone who is in the act of “secession, subversion, terrorism, or collusion with foreign forces”. However, China has also been prosecuting people outside of Hong Kong, even in the U.S. This article talks about how this law has been affecting how Chinese politics classes at universities in the U.S will operate this fall. Students in Chinese politics classes at Princeton University will use codenames instead of real names in order to protect their identity. Harvard Business School is thinking of allowing students to choose not to participate in discussions about sensitive topics in Chinese politics classes, while not punishing their grade for it. Many universities will also label their Chinese politics classes as “politically sensitive,” in hopes that students will understand the risk of taking the class.


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