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Weekly News Highlights: 9/28/2020 – 10/4/2020

Presidential debate: Trump and Biden trade insults in chaotic debate


The first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden occurred on September 29th, and it was evident that this was “one of the most chaotic and bitter White House debates in years.” In fact, President Trump interrupted Biden 73 times. The candidates talked about an array of trending issues including the coronavirus, economy, and the Supreme Court. Regarding the coronavirus, Biden claimed that Trump was panicked over the virus and intentionally downplayed the virus, which caused thousands of Americans to die from the disease. A key moment during this was when Trump repeatedly interrupted Biden, which prompted Biden to retort, “Will you shut up, man?” Overall, this debate “was the political equivalent of a food fight,” and it hardly influenced any undecided voter’s opinions. However, now, with President Trump having contracted COVID-19, we are not sure yet whether the previously scheduled second presidential debate on October 15 will occur.


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